segalanya tentang palestin kita


A New Start

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Compassionate

Praises be to Him, the One God and the Creator of Man and of the Universe.

It is solely by his Will and Power that the fight for the rights and freedom of our beloved Palestine by Humanity for Palestine (HOPE) Mara College Banting, now takes the form of a virtual one through the official HOPE website; hatipalestinedotblogspot.

Thus, may we pray for this to be a blessful new start for us. Hopefully, hatipalestine will be a good source for all in viewing and discussing the issues arising from the Palestine-Israel conflicts.

With that being said, we hold belief that the liberation of Palestine is near, and the rights of the Palestinians shall soon be recovered. And, we are just a step away from that.

"have faith"